Happy Birthday Jesus!


Happy 11th Birthday Jacob

you are the best!!


New things...

I like to think positive!! We are all going to learn new things this year, never mind the fact that they are a year older and summer is over...sniffle...I love them soooo much and will miss them all day, every day till next summer. Thanks for blessing me this summer with so much fun! I love you. Happy first day of school!


Finding a treasure

I have been looking for a chandelier for a long time, while Junking one morning I came upon this..for $1

with some lovin, spray paint and a little bling...

it now hangs over my kitchen table

I was ready to paint it black then I hung it primed white and liked it, so for now it will be white!

It suits me just fine

Have a happy day!



Summer Fun Has Begun!

Happy Summer!

xo jen