Lamp shade redo

My lamps needed a change and so did I! And it is time to put the finishing touches on our master bedroom. I think it's a fun change.

I changed the lamp shades

and went with a different shape

It makes waking up in the morning that much sweeter!!

Have a great day!

xo jen


First project for 2010...copycat

i am someone who is great at copying, if i see something i like, i go for it...i don't think though that i am complimenting myself at all!! but I save a lot of money, so it is a win-win situation. i saw this in the new PB catalog and love it. so i will be heading to HD this weekend. my thought is to write one of my favorite bible verses on it or maybe more since it will be on the bigger side.

have you ever been a copycat? and if so, how?

have a great day!

xo jen

Happy New Year!

We are soaring to new heights this year and can't wait...

the skies the limit..

flying high to see all we can...

pressing on toward all that the Lord has for us!

I hope you seek all that comes your way this new year and go at it with all you heart!!

Happy New Year to you!

Many Blessings this New Year!

xo jen