Multiples:VintageJunky party

I had to get crafty because I could not afford to buy these. I love the beach, the sea, and so therefore I love shells!

Thanks for letting me share!

xo jen


Loving Turquoise

I guess I love turquoise! I am finding more and more of it in my house...it is cheery.

Hope your weekend is bright!

xo jen


Studying Ruth

Wow... back in the time when Ruth wanted to go with Naomi was a time of brutal accounts. No wonder Ruth "clung" to Naomi and wanted to "go where you go" and "where you stay, I will stay." "Your people will be my people" and "your God will be my God" Ruth 1:16

We switched over to Judges because the time I spoke of above was during the days of "Judges governed. " which I am still reading and studying.

Here is what I got today from an overview of the book of Judges

Chapter one: the setting in which the people (chosen people in Israel) did not drive out the bad. God told them to go and they didn't. They chose to stay and do what they wanted to do. And that lead to three things,


-their land was filled with it

-partial obedience is disobedience

-pick and chose what you want to obey

leads to:


-turning away

and that leads to:


- doing what is right in your own eyes, having know authority

Scary! It sounds much like or world today and do we ever need to pray for these times!

I am learning alot , never knew that the times in Ruth were so hard and thats when I think how God is so good when he brought Ruth and Naomi together in such a loving way!

Have a blessed day!

xo in Him, jen



Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!

i love u...


"Fleeing" to the Flea Market

One of my favorite Flea finds

I am sooo excited I am off to the flea market this weekend, one of my very favorite things to do. Although I am on a tight budget, I am hoping to squeak by with a couple things!! Can't wait to share!!

Have a fun weekend!

xoxo jen


Fresh Water

I am starting a bible study on Ruth and I can't wait to share the awesome things I will learn from this book. All four chapters of it! I think all things really BIG come is small packages.

It is an "inductive study", God speaking directly through His word WOW!! I love the concept. We forget that this is the way it is suppose to be. I don't like using a commentary for guidance until the very last resort. We should always try and find our answers solely in His word!!

I am looking forward to the "fresh water" he will provide through this study.

Note: I cannot stand study never have, never will. I always struggled in school not because I was defiant but because I had a hard time processing and eventually would give up. So I'm excited and nervous all at the same time for this study, but I know that the Lord will provide the processing skills when needed! I love Him for His Grace!!

hope you are having a sweet day!

xoxo Jen



today i am so blessed

i hope you are filled with many blessings this day too!

xoxo jen


breaking bread...

as life goes by and the busyness of each day is consuming, I am reminded of the simple things, the simple things that fill her with giggles and a smile...

breaking the bread and tossing it, she won't let me forget about this day


I am so grateful for that...

Hope your day is simple!

xoxo jen