oh...happy day

another year!! i can't stand it! as each year flies by, the blessings keep coming beyond imagine. as i look at the happy faces i pray their hearts will find the same happiness in what the Lord has for them this next year. as we close out another year a new will begin.

i wish you a Happy New Year and many of God's Blessings!

xo jen


Christmas around are home

my flirty santa...

one of my favorite "kids" art

Merry Christmas...
Happy Birthday Jesus!

xo jen


Danc'n in the rain

Rain drops are fall'in and the girls are loving it.

Happy December Days to you!

xo jen



Happy December!

(image from Coastal living)

And Happy Friday!

xo jen


What Christmas is all about for us...

There is nothing fancy about our nativity and there is nothing fancy about our Savior, He is who He says He is!

May you find the simplicity this Christmas season!

Christmas Blessings,

xo jen


Giving Thanks

Although we spent Thanksgiving in Glendale, AZ. at a hockey tournament with my parents joining us, we did get to enjoy a real home made dinner with my hubby's parents. It was really sweet. We feel so blessed

And we are so thankful everyone is healthy and happy in our family. As many are sick and suffering we are always blessed to have our Savior in the midst of all our circumstances.

I pray your family is praising Him today for His grace and blessings are sufficient for all who seek Him!




Go WildCats!!

We are off to Phoenix AZ. to see this guy score some goals, Go Wildcats!!

(no pressure buddy!)

Many Blesings this Thanksgiving!!

xo jen


so ready

i am ready to start my decorating but it seems to soon...

(picture from coastal living)

if i could just wait and get through Thanksgiving!

have any of you started your Christmas decorating yet?

Blessing, Jen


Christmas time Traditions...

Last year the kids started a fun family tradition, watching Christmas movies, whether it is from our stash of Christmas DVDs or a Christmas special on TV they will not miss it and it's in full force tonight! We watched "Merry Madagascar Christmas" on NBC. So cute! And the best part for the man and I is all the belly laughs!! Let the Christmas movies and traditions begin.

What are some of your family traditions?

xo jen



getting dressed in the morning won't be so tough...

i would wrap this scarf nice and snug...

slide these socks on and feel warmth...

and aahh...these boots i dream about...


(photos from Anthropology)

This outfits going on my wish list!

xo jen


dress up or not...

so this Halloween was a bit different. My boys decided they were going to be nerds and they went with it , i mean they did the whole thing themselves. i was so excited they picked something that wasn't evil, because we don't do evil.

the nerd thing was not at all hard for them because sometimes they really act like "nerds"

not really but sometimes we think so!!

they played it well

this little one started out in a hand me down shunk costume i made 10 years ago

but it was to hot, so she became a princess/fairy and it suited her perfectly, once she was handed that first bag of skittles nothing else mattered!

then the mermaid
(thanks to Lindsey @ imperfect for the mermaid skirt idea)

and the perfect nerds!

Happy November!!

xo jen



Hope your day is full of God's Creations!

Blessings jen


Keep'n Warm

Oh...how I love fabric. It always brings a smile to my face when I walk into a fabric store. So many choices and so many fun things you can create with it. My baby is now in her new "big girl" bed (sniffles) and needs to keep warm. Her room is just about done but I really want to add a duvet cover to tie it all in. I love chocolate and pink and think it would be really cute with a brown and cream zebra print, which is what her bumper pad was. But I also think it would look cute with some more color. The pink giraffe print is just a blanket, not really part of the bedding that will stay.

This is her bed

Here are a few fabric samples that caught my eye, any suggestions or fabrics that have caught your eye?






Have a fun Day

xo jen


Our #1 Mascott

He has loved her for so long and she loved him only from afar...

now after years.. finally she gives him her heart...

Happy Ever After!

Happy Monday!


It's Hot!

As fast as Autumn arrived, it left! Even the puppy thinks it's too hot!

Have a "cool" weekend!

Shell Me

This is how I found you... so bare...

I then found you these and fixed you up

now you have a place in my home

and you hold what is so dear to my heart...my family

Happy Friday Friends!

xo jen



she was always seen with her thumb in her mouth. it was just how she came from day one...i never wanted her to stop or put "yukky'' stuff on her thumb. i just figured she would one day get over it.

well that one day came all to soon. i miss her love for her thumb... it was such a sweet thing to see her peace and comfort when she slipped it in! it was here one day...

and gone the next! so now i am left with just the memories and a big smile!

xo jen