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Blessings jen


Keep'n Warm

Oh...how I love fabric. It always brings a smile to my face when I walk into a fabric store. So many choices and so many fun things you can create with it. My baby is now in her new "big girl" bed (sniffles) and needs to keep warm. Her room is just about done but I really want to add a duvet cover to tie it all in. I love chocolate and pink and think it would be really cute with a brown and cream zebra print, which is what her bumper pad was. But I also think it would look cute with some more color. The pink giraffe print is just a blanket, not really part of the bedding that will stay.

This is her bed

Here are a few fabric samples that caught my eye, any suggestions or fabrics that have caught your eye?






Have a fun Day

xo jen


Our #1 Mascott

He has loved her for so long and she loved him only from afar...

now after years.. finally she gives him her heart...

Happy Ever After!

Happy Monday!


It's Hot!

As fast as Autumn arrived, it left! Even the puppy thinks it's too hot!

Have a "cool" weekend!

Shell Me

This is how I found you... so bare...

I then found you these and fixed you up

now you have a place in my home

and you hold what is so dear to my heart...my family

Happy Friday Friends!

xo jen



she was always seen with her thumb in her mouth. it was just how she came from day one...i never wanted her to stop or put "yukky'' stuff on her thumb. i just figured she would one day get over it.

well that one day came all to soon. i miss her love for her thumb... it was such a sweet thing to see her peace and comfort when she slipped it in! it was here one day...

and gone the next! so now i am left with just the memories and a big smile!

xo jen


Weekend "Trash to Treasures"

Good Morning Monday!

Found these over the weekend. I always love finding seashells and can never get enough of them. I will show what I'm up to with them soon.

picture frame

and more old bottles

time to get crafty!

Happy Monday to You!
xo jen






(Photos from Anthropology)

and my favorite jeans, i'm ready to go! i love to dream...

happy friday and sweet dreams... jen


C and Bugs

My little guy loves bugs, if he could he would take them, he would definitely make them a home, (probably has one made already!), set aside apart of his room or even his bed for these guys. I love that he is so gentle with bugs but yet is the typical rough and tough boy. He asked if he could keep this little praying mantis and I had to tell him that he would die if we kept him from his food and water(do they even drink water? I have know idea!) . Although he was sad, I think the thought of "his" little bug dieing in his hands brought him to let him go.

I have to say if it weren't for his love for bugs I would have never had the chance to see this little guy up close. My goodness he was so cool! He has pupils!!! No joke!! his whole body was the same color but his eyes have a dot of black, what I think are his pupils!

Thank you C for slowing me down to see your friend up close. I learned something from you today.

He even would turn his head and checked me out!

God's creatures and he loves everyone of them!

C always says "be careful and don't step on the little bugs"

hope you have a great day

xo jen


I slipped these on today... I feel Autumn in the air!

and pulled this out...

(It is safe to say I like Zebra!)

Hope you have a warm day

Happy Monday Friends!

xo jen


Be like Ruth

Studying Ruth

Ok... I am putting it all on the table. We as wives, moms, women, daughters, sisters, you get the picture, we need to strive to be like Ruth.

She is a women of courage, submission, loyalty, obedience, and willing to serve others. Our call to our Husbands and Children.

My hearts desire is to teach my children to love, respect, and be humble before the Lord and not man. Of course I want them to respect authority in life but with a Christ filled heart. I feel this needs to start at the center of each one of their hearts. I don't want them to just be "good kids" so people think they are great and I'm a mom that has it all together, that is so not it. But because we love the Lord and they are living for Him alone. As I start each day I pray that my children will see this in me and that it would stir their hearts to follow my example. I must say, many mornings (yes..sometimes I don't make it past the morning!!) I fall short of this. But God is full of grace and he loves us for seeking Him, and wants us to put on our armor and fight against the enemy.

Same goes for my husband (that's the man in my life that I love and cherish) let's face it, we as moms are tired! We are food prepping (that's breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner, snack!), errand running, grocery shopping, room moms, class volunteers, appointment making, hockey moms, guitar lessons drivers, homework instructors and yes at times referees as well! Need I say more?

Just plain old busy!

I am a mom who loves all that I have been blessed with, but sometimes I forget that my husband should be my 2nd priority(God 1st of course)! I seek to give to him all he needs to get through his day. I know I put him third many days and I know that is not what I am called to do as his wife. I want to have the submission and willingness to give him just as Ruth gave everyday tired or weary. So I will start each day on my knees and continue to humble myself before Him.

I pray that each one of my new blog friends wake and seek to give it your all for the ones you love! We will be blessed!

Have an awesome day!

xo jen